Something you might find amusing…

brian9262001: Hey, how are you?
Mocha: great.. do I know you?
brian9262001: we talked ages ago.
Mocha: ok..
Mocha: so why would I remember you?
brian9262001: oh, are you a whore?
Mocha: no but I talk to a lot of people on line.. why are you being an asshole? Just wondering?
brian9262001: it said something about you being a whore or prositute
brian9262001: prostitute
Mocha: ah no. It said I was in porn.. but I do production. So why are you messaging me.. you need the services of a whore or .. are you just being a judgemental jackass?
brian9262001: no, not interested in a whore but i am sure many of the people messaging you mistake you for that. my apology
Mocha: If a whore is what you need.. and even if you say not.. getting laid might calm you down. You should try somewhere else.. at least somewhere with better customer care than I can provide.. as I don’t give a fuck.

So yea.. any one have any comments? I can’t wait to hear them.


P.S. brian9262001: didn’t your parents teach you to not talk with your mouth full?
Mocha: I know your daddy did when he was fucking your mouth boy.
Mocha: Dude use a gun you can’t fight me with your mind.. you’re unarmed.
Mocha: stop really.. my friends here are laughing at you.
brian9262001: i would call you stupid but that would be an insult to stupid people
brian9262001: see you later big momma
Mocha: If you are going to try for a last shot that one would be a shot to the balls… too short to reach the floor. Go pick up your face, your pride and the soap.


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