Story for Nilla…

So I started my writing career :P. This story is the lastest one and I am adding it to the site today. I hope you all like it and well I would love to get some imput. I am adding the first couple of paragraphs to see if I can get y’all to read the rest.


I was on a mission to Austin to, as my best friend said, “experience all that life would have to offer me”. She is a little long winded but sweet and she had paid for this trip. I was to meet up with her cousin Jamal at a bar for music at the Karma Lounge. She told me that he would be playing and would be more than happy to show me around and stuff if I wanted the company but he would only be available the third night of my time. That was fine with me as I wanted to explore on my own what Austin had to offer before I got carted around the all of the tourist traps.

It was the first real trip I managed in a long time and the last few days were spent in wonderment at my surroundings, Austin was unlike any part of Texas that you hear about in the media. It is a city on a river in the middle of a desert, full of trees and secret places, inhabited by the cool and eclectic, it welcomed me with open arms and said come on in, y’all.

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