The day after

It is the day after the first week of being at Coke. Again I reiterate that I love it there. Mostly because when I go home… I don’t feel stressed. I make enough money, like my staffing company, love the product and feel like I can do what I need to do to get the job done.

It is also the day after going to the swingers club. I had a great time. I went with a new friend, V, to the club and had a blast. Oh right… some of you want the play by play. Aight.

I was wearing a pair of jeans, my black bra and rather long stretchy shirt that rides rather low on my chest.  So we got there and it wasn’t packed yet.. it was kinda dark, cozy and just nice to hang out in. Anyway… I decided to get to know my date a little more. We made out, he is a pretty good kisser. Then we took the tour. I showed him everything, the group room and loft, the dance floor, movie room, buffet hall, dark room, dungeon, the little hidey holes  and quiet little blue room. In one of the well lit hidey holes we started making out again. I sucked his cock.. and some of you know how much I enjoy a good, hard (and he was rock solid), cock, shoving between my breasts and into my mouth.  Anyway it was cool for me. It was a little space and we decided we needed more room so I suggested the quiet little blue room. We got in there and we got to playing. Me sucking and so forth. He got me out of everything but the shirt but my boobs we out as well.. since I took off the bra. We decided that fucking would be a great idea and that me riding him would be great. So there I was bouncing on his cock, people would stop in and watch from time to time, mostly listening to me fuck.

We carried on and off like this all night. At one point when we separated to look around and see what else we could do. I went into the dark room and could kinda see and certainly hear a couple getting their groove on. Next thing I know I am surrounded by men. Hands groping, mouths tasting tits, hands on my ass, dick on my leg. Someone had the nerve to grab my nipple and start to play and twist it. I HATE that. I took the offending hand bye the wrist and told him to back off. Hint: if you are going to be a tit fiend, learn to touch tits so as not to piss off the owner. Anyway I had started to make my way out and kinda got caught up on someone who took the chance to get to know my tits better, while god knows how many hands fondled me.  At some point someone rubbed yet another cock on me and I just had to leave. It was getting hot in there.

So I found my date again. We fucked again and well that was it. Everything was fun as usual. Now this is a first draft. I may go back and rework and embellish but this is the gist of what happened.



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