The Geek has landed…

Ok Dragon Con…

First, it is a comic, anime, sci-fi and horror convention that happens Labor day weekend every year in downtown Atlanta. People come from thousands of miles away to sell their wares, to see the panels and tracks and to see what there is to see.  And for me it is a reason to get into the new garb I made, hastily just to see if I could.

It also made me rerealize that I LOVE to make things and to design and to work things out. Costuming is one of those hobbies that will suck money from you, if you are aren’t paying attention. There is a LOT of planing that goes into every outfit, and wig and so on and so forth. And I love it… even when it is tedious and I am tired.

There is a lot going on at Con every year, hell I didn’t even get around to all of the dealer rooms this year. Anyway. I did find a corset maker.. yea!.

Oh and I did get drunk and I stayed up too late and I am having a hell of a time staying awake long enough to finish this.

Look as soon as I can find the darn cord for the camera to connect to the computer I will put up all of the pics that I have.



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