Trapeze on a Saturday

Hey People,

I went to Trapeze last night. And for me.. it was as always, awesome. I lounged in the Hot Tubs, the Heated Pool. It was a night of relaxation that I sorely needed. So there I was soaking in the heated pool with my man when an attractive couple asked if they could join us. He is jewish and very fit and she was this beautiful perky asian woman…of course we said yes. The men talked about diving, sports and stuff. I didn’t really get into a conversation with the chick.. no no I tried but she didn’t seem all that interested in the talking part of getting to know us. We stalked around the idea of playing and finally they just fucked right there in the pool while we watched. It was really hot. We decided that we could be out done and did the same thing.

Well when we were done with that the male of the other couple revealed that he had never been to a swingers club before. Well at least they weren’t shy. So they asked us how do you approach a couple or woman in this sort of situation. We said you do it in several ways the way that works for me personally is something like, “Hello, this is ____ and I am ____, can we join you?”.

Well anyway what ended up happening next is that our new male friend asked if he could play with me… and my boyfriend obliged. So I was floated off to another part of the pool and then molested, fondled and snogged. After some time I was asked if I wanted to go off with him.. and of course I said yes. My boyfriend, My new dude friend and I went off to a more private setting to get it on.

So there I was, cold, slightly wet and very horny in a room with two dudes. My boyfriend planted his dick in my mouth and my new friend started to eat me like I was the last meal on earth and he was a hungry man. I came a few times from that. Then he got comfortable and started to fuck me like I owed him money.. it was actually pretty good :P. I didn’t wake up sore the next morning from being pounded but I did wake up not cranky from lack of sex.

I even made a business connection at the club. I will see how that pans out and if it does I will tell y’all about that as well. I will see y’all later..



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