Trip to the Swing Club

So yesterday I went to the Swingers Club.. you know to get laid by strangers. This time was a little different. I got assaulted by some little creep with little wrists. What happened was that I was in the Dark room, this is the room set aside for those who are shy about there dirt on. I was in there watching people fuck in the group room, because there is a window. Oh and the room stinks of old cum and ass. I was giggling, having a great time, then some dude with sweaty palms touches my hand, I tell him to back off, only to have the creep grab my tit. I freak out, scream and leave the roomImage.

I run into the arms and comfort of my other half, only to find that I was followed. I figure if I ignore the little roach then he will go away. I was wrong and when I turn back the dude is in my face, I can even smell the dinner this idiot had, he grabs my hand again, and then he touchs my tit again. I FREAK OUTImage, grab the girl like wrist and promise to relocate his balls to the inside of his body. My other half decides that it is time for this creep to leave and gets security and management to get rid of him. I feel better. Then my boyfriend fucked me into next week. I am back from next Thursday to say.. thank you. Oh and I do love being chased by losers that can’t get laid and I like taking their ego and kicking it in the balls. But I dislike having my personal space invaded by said creep. There is a reason why these guys aren’t getting laid.. they weird chicks out, they want it too bad and they stink of desperation. Women like men not penis life support systems.

So if you hear no from me, please by all means take that as a hell no.



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