Want to see what passes for conversation?

I know I am not the most pleasant person to talk to when I get in my moods. And I have had a whooper lately. But there somes a point when someone rejects you that you can pack yourself off and leave and remain in control of yourself and your dignity and then there is a point where you make a complete and total ass out of yourself. Read the following and tell me what you think? 😀

handkerchief_waver_1984: Aye chick whas good w/ U?
handkerchief_waver_1984: You’re VERY pretty
handkerchief_waver_1984: But I think you sellin yaself short
handkerchief_waver_1984: 1
Mocha: what?
handkerchief_waver_1984: Whas good w/ you?
Mocha: selling me short?
handkerchief_waver_1984: What you mean?
handkerchief_waver_1984: OH
handkerchief_waver_1984: Yeah
Mocha: ?
Mocha: so what do you mean?
handkerchief_waver_1984: I read ya profile N it just seemed like you were sellin yaself short
handkerchief_waver_1984: But that’s jus me tho
Mocha: in what way?
handkerchief_waver_1984: I don’t know…I just think you’re sellin yaself short…
handkerchief_waver_1984: You’re a beautiful black lady who would have a lot to offer
handkerchief_waver_1984: Don’t advertise you being bisexual and all of that…
handkerchief_waver_1984: That’s not attractive
Mocha: Excuse me?
handkerchief_waver_1984: That’s what your profile says
Mocha: So you think you can tell me what to do? Or how to behave?
Mocha: That that is something that you can even tell me?
Mocha: Interesting
handkerchief_waver_1984: I could HELP YOU make better choices…
Mocha: I don’t like being judged by people, especially people who don’t know me.
handkerchief_waver_1984: I’m NOT judging you
Mocha: And you can’t help me do anything
handkerchief_waver_1984: Ok well if that’s what you think
Mocha: I am going to go. You are not the sort of person I want to get to know. And I see that I am not the type that you want to get to know either. Good luck
handkerchief_waver_1984: LOL
handkerchief_waver_1984: FUCKIN NIGGER
handkerchief_waver_1984: Just like the rest of them
handkerchief_waver_1984: 1
Mocha: Sigh.. you aren’t even interesting in your ignorance and bigotry.

I was basicly impressed at the amount of bullshit that this person was attempting to shovel at me because they thought I could be easily controlled. Many a man has made that mistake. I am not easily controlled and I don’t want to be. I just want to live and let live, usually. But when met with stupidity I have to wonder. How do they maintain the needful amount of braincells to keep breathing? Wonders of wonders…


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