Women make me very shy…

Even when she is mine I am still so careful and shy. Not sexually mind you. But emotionally I am so amazed at a woman and really in a little fear of her. I want to make her smile but then I am not used to working so hard to do so. I am actually used to someone else working hard to make me smile. I get very bitter very quickly because I feel like I can’t please her. And on and on.

I really would just like some girlie to cuddle up with and have nice girlie time with. The sex… is great but most times I am not even thinking sex but am thinking mmmm girlie time. Men like to reduce themselves to fuck puppets and want me to do that to myself and most times I am not willing to do so. Girlies do that too but want to cuddle after. That’s cool. I think I am running on a feeling of wanting to cuddle but wanting to be alone otherwise. Just to contemplate my alone-ness in the arms of my girlie.

LOL. I am tripping,


Girlie…. where are you? Reform me… be the sun to my moon and let light fall to earth in silken waves in the night sky while doves sleep and nightingales whisper sweetly in the wind…


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