Man it never changes

Recent conversation on yahoo where I didn’t answer some random message until I was ready to. And then I posed a question and got no answer. Read it and tell me what you think. I am very interested. Oh and no one’s name was changed to protect the innocent. There are no innocent.

abosmra75: hi
abosmra75: how r u
abosmra75: hey i talked to u in the room and u never answered me r u busy or ignoring me
Mocha: who are you?
Mocha: and why do you think you are entitled to my attention?
abosmra75: fuck u who do u think u r
Mocha: someone who is messaged quite a goddamn bit
Mocha: someone who is bored with the same lines tossed at her by people who don’t think before speaking
Mocha: so why should I waste time and energy on you?
Mocha: what makes you different?
Mocha: if you can’t answer the question then you proved that you are no different then those who seek my attention for nothing.
Mocha: but don’t ask me who the fuck I think I am when you messaged me.
Mocha: I didn’t think so



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