Funny things get said to me…

pantylover_6969: mmm, so sweet and brown, sista!
Mocha: ?
pantylover_6969: been awhile…
pantylover_6969: hi u doin?
pantylover_6969: so sweet and brown…
pantylover_6969: nice and thick and full figured…i
pantylover_6969: nice nigger bitch to slave in bed…
Mocha: man you really lost your mind didn’t you
pantylover_6969: no, i love big black ladies…
pantylover_6969: can’t lie..u ladies r easy to cum…
pantylover_6969: my ancestors mut’ve had a damn good time being in a position to cum into your huts and just taking the pussy….
Mocha: you are proud to have rapists in your family?
Mocha: whoa.. that is interesting
pantylover_6969: anytime they felt like it….
pantylover_6969: it was legal back then…was the law that u were their property….
Mocha: rape is rape no matter how you like it
Mocha: but whatever.
pantylover_6969: to be honest with u, i secretely think about that while i am banging a black chick.would of course never tell them that….
Mocha: you must hate being impotent. Not being able to act out your sexual aggression on people you precieve as weaker or less powerful than yourself
Mocha: sad really. Oh and by the way. Unless you actually owned those slaves. It was illegal to even rape them. Funny what kinds of things happened to poor white trash back then.
Mocha: bye
pantylover_6969: u don’t really buy into that logic, do u?…lol…sounds so canned….blacks kill me with eir self-loathing ways…
pantylover_6969: i would love to do u while u wear a red rag on your head///yummy that would be…

Why would someone spend their time hating on me? Sigh..



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