I moved…

Physically to a location for the duration of my continued apartment search. I think I might have a candidate but I am not all together sure. Gosh, I hate moving. My back is sore, my things are in disarray and my mind is strangely at peace, for now. I am crashing at a very good friends house and I am feeling all warm and fuzzy about the ability to do a short couch tour with them. But it makes me wonder how long the warm and fuzzies will last. I do not intend to find out. I want to be out of here by the middle of the month.

So crashing at a friend’s is why I will not be working on Niteflirt for the entire time I am doing this tour. I will miss interacting with those would call themselves my fans. I think for now I am doing well and will continue to do so.

Yours and my own,



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