I have gotten back some feedback

About this blog and about the story I wrote. I am really excited about the positive about it. I have submitted part 2 of Patience and am waiting for Literotica.com to go on and approve it so that it can go up. I am in the middle of writing part 3. I am not sure how far or how long this series will go but I am so excited at the idea of it just existing at all to be honest. As I write more and more about Patience and Riley they started off being based on myself and others and now are becoming more themselves in my head. With real voices of their own.

I am working franticly on my websites and want to have something to show for all of this hard work before the end of the summer, don’t quote me on that as a launch date. I have a lot of reading to do and ideas to mesh into something that would actually work. But really it is the feedback that is keeping me going, letting me know that maybe I am doing something worthwhile. Well wish me luck and keep me on the straight and narrow.

thanks y’all,


P.S. For those who haven’t read the first installment I will repost the link.



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